Quick Answer: Ja Ela Is In What Province Of Sri Lanka?

Which district Ja-Ela belongs to?

The district was named after the town of Ja-Ela in present-day Gampaha District, Western Province. The 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka introduced the proportional representation electoral system for electing members of Parliament.

Which district is kadana?

Kadana is a village and tehsil in the Mahisagar district of the Indian state of Gujarat.

How do you say jaela?

Correct pronunciation of name Jaela in Australian English ( AuE, en-AU ). Learn to speak Australian names.

What does the name jaela mean?

Meaning of Jaela: Name Jaela in the Hebrew origin, means A hebrew name meaning a Mountain goat. People with name Jaela are usually Christianity by religion.

Which district has highest population in Sri Lanka?

Population. Colombo District’s population was 2,309,809 in 2012. It has the highest population and population density in Sri Lanka.

Which district is Negombo?

Negombo Village in Gampaha Division, Gampaha District, Western Province.

Where is kadana dam situated?

Kadana Dam is an earthen and masonry on the Mahi River in Mahisagar district of Gujarat, India. The dam was constructed between 1979 and 1990.

Which province is kandana?

Kandana is a suburb of Colombo in Western Province, Sri Lanka, 19 km north of the Colombo city centre. Due to the proximity to Colombo, Negombo as well as the Bandaranaike International Airport, the suburb is a popular residential area. The neighboring suburbs are Ja-Ela, Ragama, Peralanda and Wattala.

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How Gampaha got its name?

Namesake. The name “Gampaha” in Sinhala (ගම්පහ) literally means “Five Villages”. The five villages are known to be Ihalagama, Pahalagama, Medagama, Pattiyagama and Aluthgama.

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