In Sri Lanka, Who Is The Group That Controls The Government And Is The Majority In The Country?

Which is the majority group in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has a plural society. The majority group, the Sinhalese, speak a distinctive language (Sinhala) related to the Indo- Aryan tongues of north India, and are mainly Buddhist.

Which form of government is in Sri Lanka?

Class 10 Question In Sri Lanka most common or majority peoples religion is Buddhists. Tamilans were also there in Sri Lanka but they are in minority and sinhalese were in majority so their religion was taken as official language as also.

Who are the indigenous people in Sri Lanka?

Minority and indigenous groups include Sri Lankan Tamils (11.2 per cent), Indian Tamils (4.2 per cent), Sri Lankan Moors (9.3 per cent), Malays (0.2 per cent), Burghers (0.2 per cent), Sri Lankan Chetty (5,600), Bharatha (1,700) (2012 Census) and Wanniyala-Aetto (also known as Veddhas) (estimates suggest around 2,000,

What type of government did Sri Lanka Class 10 adopt?

The Sri Lankan govt. adopted unitary govt. Basically they followed majoriatarionism where they used to dominate the Sri Lankan tamils and were in favour of the sinhalas.

What language is majority in Sri Lanka?

But under the grip of majoritarian pressures, Sri Lanka declared Sinhala (the language spoken by the majority Sinhalese community) as its official language.

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Which community was in majority in Brussels?

Brussels presented a special problem: the Dutch-speaking people constituted a majority in the country, but a minority in the capital. Look at the maps of Belgium and Sri Lanka.

Which are the two main social groups in Sri Lanka?

The major social groups found are the Sinhala speakers and Tamil speakers. Sri Lankan Tamils are further classified into two groups -Sri Lankan Tamil and Indian Tamils. Sri Lankan Tamils are the aboriginals of Sri Lanka.

Did Sri Lanka have slaves?

ABSTRACT Slavery existed in Sri Lanka from ancient times down to the modern period, roughly from the second century and until the mid-nineteenth century. But the institution of slavery showed wide variation in the conditions of individuals and modes of enslavement and also in ownership over the centuries.

Who came to Sri Lanka first?

According to the Sinhalese tradition, as recorded in the Mahavamsa, the first Indian settlers on Sri Lanka were Prince Vijaya and his 700 followers, who landed on the west coast near Puttalam (5th century bce).

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