How To Apply For Sri Lanka Visa?

Can I get Sri Lanka visa now?

Since 21 January 2021, applications for the tourist visa for Sri Lanka are being approved again. Business visas are being granted again since 22 August 2021. The visa has to be applied for before departure; it cannot be applied for on arrival in Sri Lanka.

How can I get Sri Lanka visa?

How does applying online work?

  1. Apply for visa. Apply for a Sri Lanka visa through the online application form. Filling it in only takes 5 minutes.
  2. Pay online. After filling in the form, you can safely and easily pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.
  3. Official visa. You receive your visa by e-mail.

What are the documents required for Sri Lanka visa?

Documents required for Sri Lanka Visa

  • Scanned copy of first and last page of your Passport. Validity of your passport should be at least 6 months beyond your stay period in Sri Lanka and have minimum 3 blank pages;
  • Confirmed return air ticket;
  • Indian company and Sri Lankan company address. ( For Business Visa)

Does Sri Lanka offer visa on arrival?

✓ Does Sri Lanka offer Visas on arrival to Indian citizens? Yes, Visas on arrival are available. You will have to provide the details of the trip beforehand. Also, your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after your expected date of departure.

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Is Sri Lanka visa free?

The visa on arrival for Sri Lanka is a short stay visa that travelers receive at their port of entry to the country. However, they are granted a Sri Lankan visa on arrival free of charge. Most visas on arrival grant a maximum stay of 30 days and 2 entries to the country.

How long does Sri Lanka visa take to process?

The ETA for Sri Lanka processing time is from 3 to 20 days after the application is submitted. Once the form is submitted applicants will then receive the Sri Lanka ETA approval notice. Applicants for the Sri Lanka ETA online should apply at least 20 business days before the intended date date of entry in the country.

How can I get approval for Sri Lanka?

U.S. citizens intending to visit Sri Lanka for purposes of tourism or transit require an approval notice from Sri Lanka’s Electronic Travel Authorization System, onward/return ticket, and proof of sufficient funds. The Electronic Travel Authorization System is available online or at the port of entry.

What is the currency of Sri Lanka called?

Cost of living in Sri Lanka is 23% more expensive than in India.

How do I apply for a visa?

Steps to Apply for a US Visa

  1. Check if you need a visa.
  2. Choose the type of US visa you will apply for.
  3. Fill in the Non-immigrant visa Application Form DS-160.
  4. Pay your application fee.
  5. Schedule visa interview.
  6. Compile the document file.
  7. Attend the visa interview.
  8. Wait for processing.

What is the official Sri Lanka visa website?

Please visit for more information. The facility for applying Business Purpose Visa is at present available only at the Head Office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration and the Sri Lankan Overseas Missions.

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Where Can Sri Lankan go without visa?

37 Visa-Free Countries for Sri Lankan Passports

  • Bahamas – No visa required for first 3 months.
  • Barbados – No visa required for first 6 months.
  • Bolivia – Visa on arrival for 90 days.
  • Burundi – Visa on arrival for 90 days.
  • Cape Verde – Visa on arrival.
  • Comoros – Visa on arrival.
  • Djibouti – Visa on arrival.

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