FAQ: Who Are The G S M Carriers In Sri Lanka?

What are the 4G bands in Sri Lanka?


  • Country. Sri Lanka.
  • Company Name. Mobitel (Pvt) Limited.
  • Ownership Type. Subsidiary.
  • Website. https://www.mobitel.lk.
  • MNC.
  • 3G UMTS Frequency Bands. B1 (2100 MHz)
  • 4G LTE Frequency Bands. B1 (2100 MHz) B3 (1800 MHz) B8 (900 MHz)
  • IoT Technology. NB-IoT (LTE Cat-NB1)

What is the best 4G network in Sri Lanka?

Dialog swept away our 4G Availability and 4G Coverage Experience awards with a big lead. In 4G Availability, the operator surpassed the 75% mark with a winning score of 76.2%. The second-place finisher Mobitel was 5.6 percentage points behind the leader in our analysis, while Hutch scored below 60%.

How many networks are there in Sri Lanka?

These scores mean playing multiplayer mobile games over wireless networks remains challenging for our users across all four networks in Sri Lanka and that there is considerable room for improvement in this measure of the mobile experience.

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What is the best SIM network in Sri Lanka?

Ookla, the global leader in Internet testing and analysis, has declared Mobitel as the Winner of the Speedtest Award™ for 2019, successfully winning the award for all four quarters consecutively as the Fastest Mobile Network in Sri Lanka.

What is the fastest network band?

– Speed: 5GHz band sends data at faster speeds, with a higher data rate. – Less congestion: 5GHz WiFi frequency experiences fewer interferences from other devices because fewer devices use 5GHz frequency.

How do I know the frequency of my SIM card?

You can easily determine the frequency of your cell phone in your given area. Visit wirelessadvisor.com, enter your zip code, and hit the search button. A list of all the cell phone carriers in your area will appear. Find your carrier on the page and cell phone frequency is listed next to ‘SYSTEM:’ in MHz.

What is the fastest WIFI in Sri Lanka?

Mobitel was also adjudged as having the Fastest LTE network in Sri Lanka as Ookla Data showed that Mobitel spearheads in this category with average download speeds of 30.30 Mbps, with the closest competitor at 26.84 Mbps.

Does Sri Lanka has 5G?

Sri Lanka and 5G evolution Sri Lanka was the first south Asian nation to successfully test a 5G network in 2019. Dialog Axiata, Mobitel and Sri Lanka Telecom are currently in the early phases of the commercial expansion of 5G networks for mobile and broadband connectivity.

How does Sri Lanka get internet?

A great majority of users in Sri Lanka access the internet through mobile networks. Its latest report has just been published, showing that Sri Lanka’s prices are lowest for Asian middle-income countries, and the world.

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Who brought Internet to Sri Lanka?

Abhaya Induruwa, widely known as the father of internet in Sri Lanka, spoke about how ICT policies sustained back in the ’80s, birth of LEARN (Lanka Experimental Academic and Research Network) and how Sri Lanka got connected to the world via the internet.

What is the fastest 4G network in Sri Lanka?

Mobitel is Sri Lanka’s Speedtest AwardsTM Winner for mobile network speed. To win this award, Mobitel achieved a Speed Score™ of 27.73, with average speeds of 30.30 Mbps for download and 12.44 Mbps for upload.

What are the best SIM?

If you need higher speed 4G services, Airtel Sim would be the best for you. Both 2G and 4G phones are compatible with Airtel Sim. However, if you are looking for wide coverage at cheaper rates, Jio is considered to be the best. To use a Jio Sim, you would need a 4G supported mobile.

How much is a SIM card in Sri Lanka?

When buying a SIM card and call/data plan separately, expect to pay around 200 rupees (about one dollar) for the SIM card, and a few hundred rupees for calls and data depending on your needs.

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