FAQ: How Does Internet Work In Sri Lanka?

How does Sri Lanka get internet?

A great majority of users in Sri Lanka access the internet through mobile networks. Its latest report has just been published, showing that Sri Lanka’s prices are lowest for Asian middle-income countries, and the world.

How good is Internet in Sri Lanka?

When it comes to fixed line broadband Internet speeds, Sri Lanka is placed 94th out of 175 nations with an average download speed of 31.42Mbps. The global average download speed is 85.73Mbps, upload speed is 45.74Mbps with latency of 21ms.

Is Internet free in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka provides free Internet service for e-learning | Digital Watch.

What is the best Internet connection in Sri Lanka?

Mobitel was also adjudged as having the Fastest LTE network in Sri Lanka as Ookla Data showed that Mobitel spearheads in this category with average download speeds of 30.30 Mbps, with the closest competitor at 26.84 Mbps.

What is the best mobile network in Sri Lanka?

Ookla, the global leader in Internet testing and analysis, has declared Mobitel as the Winner of the Speedtest Award™ for 2019, successfully winning the award for all four quarters consecutively as the Fastest Mobile Network in Sri Lanka.

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Does Sri Lanka have the worst internet?

Sri Lanka has been listed as the country with worst Internet Quality by the Surfshark Digital Quality of Life Index 2020. The survey was conducted covering 85 countries and singapore tops the list being the country with the highest internet quality.

Which country has worst internet connection?

Sri Lanka has been ranked as worst for internet quality among 85 countries analysed by VPN provider Surfshark. Singapore tops the list. Scandinavian and Benelux countries also rank high on the Internet Quality Index which considers the speed and reliability of broadband and mobile internet connections.

How can I get free Hutch data?

GET Rs 10,000 worth FREE Data, Calls & SMS for 3 months! 1,000 Minutes to call any 078/072 number! Dial *782# to claim your offer!

How can I activate Hutch data plan?

5. How can I activate an Unlimited Data Plan? You can activate any of these Plans conveniently via Hutch Self-care app or by dialing *131# USSD Menu.

How can I get free WIFI in Sri Lanka?

1. If you’re in Colombo, search for ‘Free WI-FI Dialog’ or Mobitel. Free WI-FI Zone Map in Sri Lanka includes:

  1. Peradeniya Railway Station.
  2. Jaffna Public Library.
  3. Kandy Railway Station.
  4. Matara Bus Stand.
  5. Polonnaruwa Railway Station.
  6. Matara Railway Station.
  7. Mirijjawila Botanical Garden.
  8. Fort Railway Station.

Who is the fastest internet provider in Sri Lanka?

Accordingly Airtel recorded the fastest mobile internet service provider in the country recording a maximum data speed of 24.2 Mbps and an average speed of 12.4 Mbps on their 3G network.

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What is the fastest 4G network in Sri Lanka?

Mobitel and Dialog statistically tied for the first place in our Download Speed Experience category with average speeds of 11.1 Mbps and 10.6 Mbps respectively.

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